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December Tour / Band debut

The debut of the band formation with Nicolas Palladino on bass and Fabian Santacruz on percussion will be with 4 shows in Catalunya.

photo credit: Reinhard Lang


“Nightingale” performed on the new episode of BalconyTV Barcelona.

“Where Are You Running Now?” performed at Sofar Sounds Lund in the Immeln Lake - on a sauna rooftop overviewing the lake.



Ivory Tusk is the pseudonym for Argentine singer-songwriter Ezequiel de Lima, currently based in Barcelona. Following the break up of his last band, Ezequiel set out to test the limits of what can be achieved with just an acoustic guitar and a voice. Ivory Tusk was born as a path to try to understand the human experience, exploring the infinite contradictions within, combined with the need of traveling while connecting with others who question the same; the result is a collection of intimate yet powerful songs, based on intricate guitar fingerpicking arrangements, thoughtful and introspective lyrics and authentic songwriting. Since 2015, the songwriter has independently traveled through the US for 3 months in 2016 (where he recorded his second EP “Zephyr” in Nashville), Europe for eight months in 2017 and is continuosly touring Europe through 2018.

During his first European tour with over 35 shows, he opened for Grammy-nominee singer-songwriter Thomas Dybdahl, performed at different festivals (Live At Heart, Festa della Musica) and performed at three Sofar Sounds (Oslo, Weimar, Lund).

Now based in Barcelona, Ivory Tusk has been touring consistently through Europe (Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria) and will be finishing the year with a performance at the Blue Bird festival in Vienna, along acts such as Laura Gibson, Mark Kozelek (Sun Kil Moon), Roo Panes and many others.


ON THE RUN (2018)


ZEPHYR (2016)