Ivory Tusk will tour Europe once again in 2018, to present new material and reaffirm the success on his first 2017 DIY tour.

Ivory Tusk is Argentine singer-songwriter Ezequiel de Lima’s solo project, now relocated in Barcelona. With just a guitar and his voice, he speaks of the diverse facets of human experience: solitude, anxiety, depression, ambitions and disappointments, freedom and the relationship with nature and oneself. Inspired by artists such as The Tallest Man on Earth, Jose Gonzalez, Daniel Norgren and Shakey Graves, his style features extensive rhythmic finger-picking, alternate tuned guitars with evocative and contemplative lyrics, reflections of our inner selves.

In March 2017, the first European tour began for the support of “Rising Lights”, an exploration travel as a troubadour to find a future that would be brighter than his melancholic Buenos Aires. The extensive 5 month tour garnered several important milestones, such as opening for Grammy-nominee Thomas Dybdahl, 4 performances at the Live at Heart Showcase festival in Örebro (shows that were recommended by local newspaper, blogs and local tv), a performance at the Festa della Musica festival in Mendrisio, Switzerland and three Sofar Sounds concerts in Lund (SE), Oslo (NO) and Weimar (DE).

Before embarking on a solo project, he served as songwriter and lead guitarist for indie rock band Blak Lyons. Feeling alienated from the Argentinean scene and allured by his American folk influences,  he embarked on his first DIY solo tour in January 2016, through the Southwest USA, playing shows in cities such as San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, San Diego and Los Angeles alongside talented local acts.

To finish a successful 3 month tour, there was a lengthy stop at Nashville. On one of the performance nights, he met Harrison Brougham who, in a movie-like situation, offered him free studio time at the Art Institute of Tennessee. In one afternoon, they recorded 5 unreleased songs, in single live takes, with no edits and minimum overdubs. These intimate recordings produced from this fruitful collaboration were released in an EP called “Zephyr” on July 12th, 2016.

In September 2016, he was invited to open the live show by Los Monos de la China, which was recorded for a DVD release and participated on the Paraiso Festival. Following these performances, Ezequiel went into the studio to record his upcoming EP “Rising Lights”.

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